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We're moving

Well it looks like we’ve outgrown ourselves here. There are a lot of changes under way for Kids Stuff World, please be patient with us over the next few days as we transition from our WordPress blog and settle in to our new home over at Expect a lot of tweaking to happen for at least a week or so, but we promise we’ll all be pleased with the results.

Lots of big things are headed your way, KSW exclusive discounts, some awesome giveaways, and as always great ideas for things to do with your kids and ways to help the environment.

One more thing, if you were subscribed to the Kids Stuff World RSS or email feed, you will have to re-subscribe on the new site. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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Could you use a Pick Me Up?

Well, I know I could – I’ve been terribly sick for almost three weeks now and I can think of nothing that would make me feel better than what I’m about to share with you. Camille must have known what I was feeling when she designed her Jelly Filled quilt – who wouldn’t feel instantly better wrapped up in this bright and cheerful piece?

Jelly Filled quilt

If you’ve never been to Simplify by Camille, this mother of two’s gorgeous blog then you’re in for a real treat. Her creativity and stunning photography skills always leave me wanting more.

Today, Camille has decided to give me a chance at MORE – well, actually she’s giving everyone a chance.


To win one of her gorgeous quilts that is, and oh what a wonderful Christmas gift to me this would be. Part of my motives for passing this one along are selfish (I’d love the extra three entries to win) but another, bigger part of me wants to tell everyone I meet about Camille and her fantastic quilts. So first, head on over to ThimbleBlossoms – her Etsy store where she sells her one of a kind quilt patterns and select your favorite. Next, click here and enter yourself in the contest (you’ll need to know your favorite pattern in order to do so). Hurry, this giveaway ends on Nov 24th.

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Announcing the KSW “Green Living” Home Palette


It finally feels like things are getting back to normal around here – and well, you know what they say about normal. Nothing stays the same. KSW is finally getting to a point where we can start new features, follow up on old ones, and begin to share big pieces of news that’s coming your way. Before we reveal all of our secrets – let’s get back to a feature we think is going to be something truly special. The KSW “Green Living” Home project – if you’re new to the site (and many of you are – thanks to all the great new readers out there) you may not remember this project we tried to kick off back in September. Here’s a bit of a refresher, to help us all ease into the transition of leaving a smaller mark on the planet – we thought we’d get the ball rolling by enlisting the help of our readers to design a one-of-a-kind, truly special Green Living home.

Bimini Series

We chose the Bimini model and will be using its existing floor plans to get started. In the past readers were a bit reluctant to make inputs, but have no fear – this time we’re going to give you a few great ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Stay tuned over the next few days as I share some inspiration photos with you on the path I would like to see this project take. Hopefully, you’ll answer back with a few of your own ideas and photos. Well enough jibber jabber already, here’s the color palette we’re working with. I hope you like it. The best part of virtual decorating is – it’s very easy to change. We can always add to or subtract as we see fit – I just thought these fresh colors would help get us started.

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EcoTots Table/Stool Set: We want one!


This eco-friendly birch wood table and chair set from EcoTots has really caught my eye, enough so that I am designing a Kids Stuff World Playroom around it. It’s built to last and just the right height to encourage imaginative play and all sorts of fun activities. The best part is, from now till Nov. 30 the whole set is on sale for $249.99 

Get yours from here, Red or Green


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Get yourself pampered, in the name of Nie!

Nie Nie DayIt is with great joy that I pass along the news of this next fundraising event for Stephanie Nielson and her family. The fact that Kids Stuff World was contacted to promote this event for such a wonderful cause/family is a great honor. So without further ado …

Emily, Bethanee, and Jolleen will be hosting a “Nie Nie Day Party” event/fundraiser in Mesa, Az on Nov. 22. These fabulous ladies from the Habit Salon are offering a full day of pampering at great prices so this really is a win-win situation. Get a great new style and give to a great cause just in time to look fabulous for Thanksgiving with your family and friends – what could be better. This event is sure to be a huge success as the last two fundraisers have raised over $10,000! Congratulations ladies, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Here’s the excerpt from their flyer:

We all want to GIVE. GIVE of ourselves. GIVE to those in need. We also have been taught that when we, as woman/wives/mothers, TAKE CARE of ourselves, we have MORE to GIVE to others. Here is the perfect way to PAMPER yourself AND GIVE to NIE, at the same time!

The owners of Habit Salon, Chrissy and Rich Rasmussen, and their wonderful staff of stylists and astiticians, have generously donated Habit Salon and their services for an entire Saturday! 100% of the donations made will go to the NIE RECOVERY FUND.

There will also be a variety of handmade bracelets and barrettes, homemade baked goods and Nie T-Shirts to add to the ways you can treat yourself and help the Nielsons.

Click HERE to go to HABIT SALON’S BLOG and pick your appointment time and services. This will secure your time with one of Habit’s Stylists and your chance to participate in a heartwarming and uplifting event. It’s that easy!

We have suggested donation amounts for the services, which are just that suggestions. Donate all you can, whether it be a little less or more. Items created for the event and raffle tickets will have a set price.

Habit Salon’s fabulous variety of hair and skin product will be available, with 25% of the purchase price going to the Nielsons.

Walk-ins are welcome but you will have to wait for the next available stylist. Please come and visit with other NIE Supporters, buy some treats for yourself and as holiday gifts and leave infused with the LOVE OF LIFE.

Mark SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22 on your calendar – It’s NIE DAY!

* Can’t make it yourself but still want to help out ? No problem, just pass this info along on your own blog/webpage or even by email. The more folks that know about the event the better. Thanks for your help.

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It sounds like rain …

DIY Rainsticks

Super Crafty Suzanne originally shared this idea for a cheap, easy, and fun project for kids with Good Morning Connecticut, but I’m even more excited about her posting the idea on her site, see the post here. Who would have a guessed an old wrapping paper tube, some crafts you have on hand and a few beans could turn into something so wonderful. I truly cannot wait to share this project with my children. They’ve never met a rain stick they didn’t like.

Map storage tube

At work I often use expandable mailing tubes that would also be perfect for this project. These tubes have plastic or metal caps on each end that would make sealing the ends a neater and more permanent solution.

If you make your own version of a rain stick, we’d love to see pictures or hear your story. Post them here or email us at Don’t forget to check out our other Fun Things To Do With Your Kids ideas – let us know how you like the content so far and what types of activities you’d like to see more of.

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A Tug on Your Heartstrings

I apologize in advance for not warning you before my last post. If you read the Arizona Replubic article without warning you probably ended up like I did – sobbing into your computer monitor before it was all over.

Apologies aside, you have to admit – it was a story that needed to be shared. So many wonderful people have been inspired by her story and called upon to do something nice for the Nielson family. If you find yourself feeling the same way, here’s a few steps I recommend you take.

1. As the Nielson family always says, First & foremost, pray for miracles. Add the power of your faith to bring about healing.

2. Check out Stephanie’s Blog, the Nie Nie Dialogues – I promise you will know instantly why so many folks have fallen in love with her

3. Check out her sister’s blog, C Jane Enjoy It – Courtney regulary posts about the progress and happenings of the Nie Nie family

4. Investigate the NieRecovery site – here you’ll find all the latest goings on to raise money and awareness for the family. There are tons of charity events and online auctions being planned all the time. If you’re interested in helping out or just taking a look around, this is the place to go to get yourself started.

Nie Nie Tee

5. Buy a Nie Nie Tee – Currently available in children’s and adult sizes, get one while you still can and help support this beautiful family.

6. Donate directly to one of the funds set up by the family, the link is on the NieRecovery page

As always wishing Stephanie and her family all the best as they deal with these hard times, their families love and commitment to each other is an inspiration to us all.

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