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Fairy Wishes, Butterfly Dreams

Butterfly costume
Photo from here

I stumbled across this image a few months ago and just knew I wanted to recreate this costume for my daughter for Halloween. I threw all reality out the window and went sheerly on impulse disregarding the fact that my 20 month old has never worn a costume, let alone a super pouffy tutu and is pretty particular about her clothing. In preparation for the event, I scooped up tons of gorgeous tulle, I researched the easiest ways to create a tutu online, and then I got to work creating my own version of this fairy skirt each night after work. Hours later I ended up with one gorgeous tutu if I must say so myself. I chose to mix colors pink, blue, and purple in several layers creating a beautiful effect. I was so excited for my little one to see the finished product. I waited patiently all day on Saturday waiting for the perfect opportunity to introduce her to my beautiful creation. It never once occurred to me, no not even once, that my wee one would be DEATHLY afraid of the thing. Yes, deathly. Just being near it brings her to tears, its a real shame- she would have made the most beautiful butterfly/fairy. So it goes, there’s always next year – or the year after that…

I used this method with more layering and color blending to create a no-sew tutu. I’ll post pictures of my version this weekend.


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Sticking with the bird theme…

Bluebird Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and we’ve decided to give you plenty of alternatives to the typical store bought costumes. Take this super cute bluebird costume for little ones, it will be warm without suffocating your child like the furry costumes you’ll find in the stores. Thanks again Martha! Check out the link here for how-to instructions.

Be sure to check out the new DIY Halloween Costumes category on the right for more great ideas

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Eco-Friendly Doll Furniture


We are so excited to feature Anna’s Kid-Friendly, Earth-Friendly, easy on the pocketbook cardboard doll furniture. We have visions of what we could do with a little contact paper and some craft glue.

You’ll probably recognize Anna from her well known diy cardboard kitchen that is still circulating the blog worlds a year later. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. Yu can still purchase the plans on her Etsy store and build your very own.

Stay tuned for more from this talented blogger and even a possible interview from Anna herself.
Upcycled Doll Bed

Your purchase from the Etsy store includes plans to build the bed and sew the quilt, create the mattress and the pillow (not pictured), construct the chair, and even a matching table (also not pictured) for all your doll tea parties

Upcycled Doll Chair

Forty-two roads: Doll Furniture and Linens are Finished!

Check out her blog for more photos and details and be sure to stop by her Etsy store for your copy of the Doll Furniture and the Cardboard Kitchen

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Potty Training? Try This

Photo by Jackyamsc via Flickr
Photo by Jackyamsc via Flickr

Trying to warm your child up to the idea of potty training? The first step is to help make the experience not quite so scary (and well…grown up). Here’s an easy way to relax the whole process: start by teaching your child’s favorite stuffed animal or doll how to go on a makeshift/pretend potty. Before you know it your child will be taking their playmate to the potty over and over again. Pretty soon they’ll want to go potty like their friend too.

You’ll need:
– a child in need of potty training
– A favorite bear, softie, or doll
– A pot, bowl, or children’s pottie
– A positive attitude

Good Luck and be sure to let us know if this technique works for you

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DIY Bandana Pants

Blue Yonder Bandana Pants

So far, the DIY Parenting and the Fun Things To Do with your Kids (see links in sidebar) posts seem to be drawing the most attention. In order to keep our growing number of readers happy, we sought out to find one of the brightest, most creative projects yet and we are pleased to present you with Blue Yonder’s DIY Bandana Pants! Not only are these kids shorts adorable, but they’re also easy to make and the perfect outfit for summer.

Now for the fun part, let’s all run out and make a few pairs of these killer shorts. Shoot, we may as well outfit the whole neighborhood in them. Get as many going as you can and then send us photo’s of your Bandana Pants Gang. If we get any takers, we may just have to make a contest out of this one… stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, send your photos to kidsstuffworld @ gmail dot com. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Bandana Pants

A little background info on Stefani:
We stumbled onto Stefani’s site, Blue Yonder recently and no kidding have had trouble pulling ourselves away to get to work in the morning. This mother has it all, she’s smart, she’s funny, she’s creative, she’s wholesome, she’s crafty, and just down right entertaining. Not to mention one of the first lucky lady’s to be featured at Kids ~ Stuff ~ World. Who knows, maybe if we’re lucky we will be able to chat with her soon. {Hope you’re reading this Stefani, cause if you’re willing we’d love to do a post entirely about you}

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Make your own Forest Fairy Costume

Forest Fairy Costume

The folks at Planet Happy Kids came up with the most amazing fairy wing costume and we just had to share it. The premise is simple – cardboard, leaves, and glue. Switch out the leaves for feathers, glitter and sequins, tissue paper… the possibilities are endless. These fairy wings would be great for a fall play date, a slumber party, a girl’s fairy birthday party, or even halloween, although I don’t think we’ll be able to wait that long. Thanks Planet Happy Kids , you just made this BIG kid happy!

Check out Planet Happy Kid’s TV set costume, here

You can find tons of great ideas for fairy gifts, toys, and costumes here

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Quick N Easy DIY Dump Truck Cake

Sure, you could spend hours creating the world’s greatest dump truck cake for your son’s birthday. But here at Kids Stuff World, we have to ask … why? Parents who subscribe to Kids Stuff World are looking for ways to find more time to be with their kids as opposed to dedicating all of their time/efforts trying to impress other children and their parents. This year, instead of overburdening yourself with an elaborate dump truck cake design, we ask you to consider our alternative. The ready made dump truck cake. Purchase a large size dump truck (which by the way doubles as an awesome gift later) and fill it with cupcakes, brownies, cookies, the dessert of your choosing. This ingenious alternative will be ready for display in a fraction of the time and actually offers a healthy alternative since you won’t be using the several pounds of yellow sugar icing you would have needed for the original plan. Kids Stuff World parents know how to have a good time without going overboard, if you want to step it up a notch… do it by offering ice cream sundaes. Serve the base of the sundaes (brownies, cookies, bananas) in the large vehicle and offer the sides in smaller assorted vehicles. For inspiration, check here

Our Top recommendations:
For the main attraction:
Tonka Toughest Mighty Truck
For toppings and candies:
Tonka Sand force Dump Truck with Sand Tool
HO GMC Topkick Low Bed Dump Truck
Dump Truck

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