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One Day Only Nie Nie Auction!

Surprise! We’ve got a special treat for you today.

We were so thrilled by the overwhelming response to the Nie Nie Auctions, we decided our readers deserved one more chance to raise some serious cash for Nie Nie!

We’ve paired up with the oh-so-talented Ruth from SparkleThots to bring you these one-of-a-kind Nie Nie inspired earrings. She describes these as, “a pair of birds who fly upwards, as if searching for their elusive haven. Gold chains from which dangle gold hued Swarovski pearls and citrine hued glass beads hang by the side and create a golden sky for them to fly in.” We just didn’t see how the weekend could end without a chance for these Birds in Flight Earrings to find their haven and do something nice for Nie.

Birds in Flight

Same rules apply, bidding starts at $5, please bid in dollar increments, Auction ends tonight (Sunday) at 12pm PST time, the winner will send a recipet or screen shot of their PayPal donation to receive their item. Remember this is the last day and all proceeds are going to the Nie Nie Family so dig deep in your pocketbooks and score some earrings Stephanie would truly be proud of.

Let the bidding begin!

Stacy & Ruth



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Reuse those Glass Jars


Hanging Lanterns
10 Ways to Reuse a Glass Jar | Natural Family Living Blog

Tiffany from Nature Moms has given us some great ideas on how to reuse glass jars.

1. Beach in a jar – This is a fun project for kids who have visited the beach recently and gathered seashells. Simply put some sand in the bottom of the jar (colored play sand works great for this) and add the seashells. A larger shell can be glued to the lid for a finishing touch. Letting the kids paint the shells first is another fun way to add some color.

2. Lantern or candleholder – This is a good project for a glass jar of any size. The kids can use glass paint to create a stained glass look. Use the candle for dining outdoors in the evening…add a citronella candle and you have a bug deterrent too.

3. Snack jars! She likes to keep nuts, raisins, shredded coconut etc. in glass jars.

4. An I Spy jar – Fill the jar with rice and a few secret objects like a coin, a paperclip, a button, a bead, a small toy, dice, etc and have kids see if they can find all the treasures by rolling the jar around and shaking it up.

5. Planter – Put pebbles in the bottom of a small jar, then fill with potting soil. Plant herb or flower seeds, and put in the windowsill.

To see the rest of her great ideas, be sure to check out the original post here

Thank you Tiffany for this wonderful post

Do you have your own ideas on how to reuse glass jars? We’d love to hear them or even see photos. Feel free to comment here or email us at kidsstuffworld @ gmail dot com

Etched Glass

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Eco-Friendly Doll Furniture


We are so excited to feature Anna’s Kid-Friendly, Earth-Friendly, easy on the pocketbook cardboard doll furniture. We have visions of what we could do with a little contact paper and some craft glue.

You’ll probably recognize Anna from her well known diy cardboard kitchen that is still circulating the blog worlds a year later. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. Yu can still purchase the plans on her Etsy store and build your very own.

Stay tuned for more from this talented blogger and even a possible interview from Anna herself.
Upcycled Doll Bed

Your purchase from the Etsy store includes plans to build the bed and sew the quilt, create the mattress and the pillow (not pictured), construct the chair, and even a matching table (also not pictured) for all your doll tea parties

Upcycled Doll Chair

Forty-two roads: Doll Furniture and Linens are Finished!

Check out her blog for more photos and details and be sure to stop by her Etsy store for your copy of the Doll Furniture and the Cardboard Kitchen

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Matryoshkas for everyone


What better way to celebrate our auction success than by bringing our readers the link to this amazing FREE DOWNLOAD from Yasmine over at A Print A Day. Yes, I said FREE. We could hardly believe it ourselves. We suggest you run on over there and download this one, we promise you won’t be sorry.

Matryoshka Note Paper

The note pad is perfect for as your shopping list or to do reminder.

Matryoshka Labels

a print a day: Weekend Downloads-Matrioshka

Use the labels as gift tags, address labels, just about anything you can think of. Yasmine does ask for a few photos of people using her downloads so if you could, go on and help her out. We are certainly getting the better end of this deal.

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Nie Nie Silent Auction Kickoff

Let the First Kids Stuff World Auction Officially Begin!!

See Official Rules Here

Lastest Update: As of 6:30 am (German Time) on Monday

We’ve got a little under 3 hours left for bids on the original three items (Lotus Bag, Hope Necklace, and Free Banner). Gabrielle at Design Mom has asked us if we’re interested in extending the One Day Only auction sine she didn’t get a chance to advertise it. Please keep the bidding going, but I’ll check with Ruth to see if we could possibly give away a piar to the winner in just a few hours and possibly another pair to anyone who votes afterwards. I’ll let you know ASAP. In the meantime, here are the current auction tallies. 

Item #1: Jennifer is standing firm with an $80 bid

Item #2: Lisa is still in the lead for $45

Item #3: Erin is hanging tough at $50

Item #4 (One Day Only Auction): Deb is in the lead for $25


Be sure to get your final bids in now, I’ll post later if I am able to secure another pair of earrings.

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Item #1 – The Blue Lotus Bag

The first item up for bid is Katelyn Jane’s fabulous Blue Lotus bag. She tells us this bag is “big enough to fit the kitchen sink”. She also says, “It’s super fun and super easy. Just throw all your stuff inside, putting items you’ll need most in the huge pockets, and go!” To read more about Katelyn on her fantastic blog, click here

Blue Lotus Bag

This the perfect bag for a mommy on the go, a trip to the beach or the local library. Even better, it would make a swell diaper bag and even a great tote for a trip to the Farmer’s market. It has four pleated exterior pockets (velcro keeping them closed), so it’s easy to find your wallet, keys or lip gloss.


Best of all, it’s stylish and eye-catching, and sure to draw attention! Don’t you just love this print? We think Nie Nie would too. That’s why we chose this as our first item.

Lotus print

Let’s give this bag a great home, we’ll start the bidding at $5. What do you say?
Official Rules Here

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Item #2- A time for HOPE

Our second item up for bids is a darling necklace handmade by Jennifer of The Vintage Chain.

Peace necklace

The actual piece necklace up for bids is similar to this one, only will have the word HOPE stamped in place of the PEACE as shown here. The winning bidder can choose a red or a blue accent as they wish. Red is shown above, blue is shown here.

Blue Stone

We designed this piece especially for Nie Nie and again, we feel she would really enjoy it.

Just to review, the bidder is bidding on a teardrop silver pendant with the word HOPE stamped on it, they may choose a red or a blue accent piece.

Bidding starts at $5, each bid shows our love and support to the Nielson Family.
Official Rules Here

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