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Ways To Save …. Calories

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for ways to cut a few corners when it comes to calories. Today’s calorie saver… The Cranberry Spritzer. I have been trying to eliminate soda from my diet over the last month. For the most part, this is not really that hard. Still, when I get home from work, one of my guilty pleasures is to pop open an ice cold Cherry Pepsi. It’s been a little difficult for me to give this up until I started making myself Cranberry Spritzers instead.

8 oz. Light Cranberry Juice (40 calories)
5-6 oz. Club Soda or other carbonated water
Splash of Lime Juice

This concoction is so refreshing I hardly even miss my Cherry Pepsi. And for just a fraction of the calories, I can drink as much as I want and my waist line will still thank me in the morning.

Got a Calorie Saver you’d like to share? Email us at kidsstuffworld @ gmail dot com and let us know how you’ve managed to save a few calories without sacrificing any taste.


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Ways to Save While Going Green – #1

Do you currently use a liquid additive in your dishwasher to help clean glass, cut grease, or prevent spots? If you do, STOP wasting your money now. Those additives cost $2-5 a pop and are doing the same things you can get by simply adding an ounce of distilled white vinegar instead. Start adding 1 oz. of vinegar to your dishwasher’s liquid compartment today and you will immediately see the difference. Squeaky clean glasses, no more greasy residue, not to mention the fact that you’re saving a few bucks and helping the environment. Go on, try it. You’ll be glad you did.

Got any other great tips on how to save $$$ while going green? We’d love to hear them, send your ideas to us at kidsstuffworld @ gmail dot com. If we post your idea, we’ll be sure to add a link to your site/blog. Submit enough ideas and we’ll feature you as well.

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Could You Use 6 Months of FREE Diapers?

We thought so. Amazon is running a special offer for all new and existing registry customers. For a limited time, if you, your friends or your family complete $750 of purchases in your registry they’ll give you six months worth of Seventh Generation diapers. Registry purchases must be made between July 1st and September 30, 2008 to qualify

Just make sure anything you buy to prepare for your baby goes on the registry. After purchasing a stroller, crib bedding, and portable crib you’ll be well on your way to free diapers. Let your shower guests know about the deal and be sure to ADD every possible item to your registry, The more people have to choose from, the more chances you have to get FREE diapers. This really is a simple offer, no hidden gimmicks. Just 6 months worth of non-toxic chlorine free diapers.

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