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Sticking with the bird theme…

Bluebird Costume

Halloween is fast approaching and we’ve decided to give you plenty of alternatives to the typical store bought costumes. Take this super cute bluebird costume for little ones, it will be warm without suffocating your child like the furry costumes you’ll find in the stores. Thanks again Martha! Check out the link here for how-to instructions.

Be sure to check out the new DIY Halloween Costumes category on the right for more great ideas


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Help choose our palette

Earthborn PaintsEarthborn Paints

Sorry the posting has been a bit sporadic but there are a lot of changes going on behind the scenes of Kid ~ Stuff ~ World. We hope to unveil them to you very soon. Look forward to several new features and a more defined focus for you readers who are wondering where we’re coming up with all these seemingly unrelated ideas. 

For now, take a moment to check out all the fabulous colors available from EarthBorn paints, the UK’s leading brand of eco-paints and let us know if anything leaps out at you. We’ll stick with the obvious Beach Cottage vibe this home is putting off in our overall design plans.

More from me after while, I’m making my trans-atlantic flight tomorrow, have a great weekend


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And The Winner Is …

The Kids ~ Stuff ~ World Green Living Home is the Bimini from Palm Harbor homes. It was a close contest, but the Bimini won by a mere 6 vote margin. We’re so excited to kick this series off, but, we’re all going to have to wait one more day. As for tonight, check out the home and start thinking about all the Green possibilities we can come up with.

Bimini Series
Bimini Floor Plans

Start thinking of some color palettes and flooring options you’d like to see featured in this home

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How was your day?

Photo from Flickr via Chocolate Monster

We may be a day behind with this post, but Hey better late than never right? I’m hoping you had a chance to relax and unwind and enjoy the simpler things in life this Labor Day weekend. We had lots of aspirations of our own planned for the weekend (none of them actually coming to fruition), but all in all, I’m loving the way things turned out on their own.

Since I’ll be leaving soon on business, I wanted to take the time to really enjoy my children this weekend. And enjoy them I did.

Our weekend consisted of:
– Trips to the Park
– Homemade Smores
– A little Play Dough action
– Homemade Pizzas
– A Day Trip to the Zoo
– Bubbles in the Backyard
– Sewing a new pair of pajama pants for my daughter
– Babysat a friend’s son for a few hours, the kids LOVED it!
– Having a wonderful friend over for dinner off the grill
– Watching my son fall in love with wooden trains
– Potty Training with Tigger (more on this to follow)

See what I mean an absolutely perfect weekend, so c’mon tell me how did you enjoy your children over this holiday?

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Make Your Own Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Butter Cups
Photo from Have Cake Will Travel

I honestly would have never thought to try makng my own heavenly peanut butter cups until I stumbled onto a tasty little site called, Have Cake Will Travel. Now that we’ve found it, we never want to leave. The photos on this site alone will add about 5 pounds to your midsection, but it doesn’t matter – it’s too late. We’re hooked.

The actual recipe is surprisingly enough…simple. Can you believe there are only 5 ingredients? Me neither, click here for the recipe. In fact I think these would be a great treat to serve at baby showers or even an intimate dinner party. How surprised will my husband be next Valentine’s Day when he receives his homemade valentine filled with homemade peanut butter cups. Hooray! What a great find, if I do say so myself. Hope you like it too.


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Auctions have ended

Love for Nie
Kids Stuff World Auctions have officially ended raising $200 in proceeds towards the Nielson Family (not too shabby for a brand new little site), but we’re not done just yet. Kids Stuff World is going to double your donations!! When its all said and done, Kids Stuff World will have contributed $400 to the Stephanie Nielson Recovery Fund. 

We are so very proud of the generosity of all of our readers, thank you for taking the time to stop by and your willingness to donate to such a meaningful cause. If you didn’t win, but would still like to contribute, head on over to the Nie Recovery site for other great ways you can get involved.

Our Winners:

The LOTUS Bag by Katelyn Jane will go home with Jenn

The HOPE Necklace by The Vintage Chain is coming to Lisa

Free Banner Design by Jannypie is going to Erin

Birds in Flight Earrings by Sparkle Thots now belongs to Deb H

Congratulations Ladies! We’ll contact you by email with more details

We hope we’ll be seeing you around 🙂

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Prayers Needed, Pass It On



HearthSong Scholarship


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