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Whimsical Sunrise Nursery

On Aug 4th, we promised to design a unique, affordable nursery inspired by Urban Outfitter’s Spectrum Chandelier. After 10 days of hand-selecting each and every item, we’re finally ready to present you with…the Whimiscal Sunrise Nursery. This nursery was designed for everyday people with everyday problems. We developed a room that exudes color without even needing a drop of paint. (perfect for our readers who live in apartments or houses they can’t paint) We also chose pieces that could be personally customized for our DIY readers. (Hint, try using the wall decals to decorate the toy box. Line the back of the dresser with scrapbooking paper for an even more individual look. We featured a super crafty painting from etsy, but the idea is to create something equally fabulous on your own that fits right into this artsy room. Why not sew a few color fabric shapes onto the wardrobe to add that last pop of color.) And finally, we planned this room to really maximize its space. (Notice every piece of furniture is focused on stoarge- the crib has a drawer underneath, multiple colored shelves to hold stuffed toys above the toy box, a wardrobe, a bookcase and even a back of the door organizer.

Whimsical Sunrise – First, in what will hopefully be a series of fabulously designed Kids Rooms & Nurseries, we hope that you love this room half as much as we do. Think this room is top notch, then let us know. Think its a litle less than stellar, not really your style? Well, shoot us an email and tell us that too. We’d love to hear your comments and adapt our decorating styles accordingly.  And if we can help just one person find the perfect item for their own nursery in the meantime, then, hey, we will have succeded.

Now for the fun part, Kids Stuff World believes great things don’t necessarily have to come at great costs. To prove our point, we tried to stick to a strict budget. On Wednesday, 20 Aug, we will announce the total cost for this nursery and supply you with the links to each and every item featured. In the meantime, we’d like to hear from you. How much do you think this nursery is worth?




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