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Announcing the KSW “Green Living” Home Palette


It finally feels like things are getting back to normal around here – and well, you know what they say about normal. Nothing stays the same. KSW is finally getting to a point where we can start new features, follow up on old ones, and begin to share big pieces of news that’s coming your way. Before we reveal all of our secrets – let’s get back to a feature we think is going to be something truly special. The KSW “Green Living” Home project – if you’re new to the site (and many of you are – thanks to all the great new readers out there) you may not remember this project we tried to kick off back in September. Here’s a bit of a refresher, to help us all ease into the transition of leaving a smaller mark on the planet – we thought we’d get the ball rolling by enlisting the help of our readers to design a one-of-a-kind, truly special Green Living home.

Bimini Series

We chose the Bimini model and will be using its existing floor plans to get started. In the past readers were a bit reluctant to make inputs, but have no fear – this time we’re going to give you a few great ideas to get the creative juices flowing. Stay tuned over the next few days as I share some inspiration photos with you on the path I would like to see this project take. Hopefully, you’ll answer back with a few of your own ideas and photos. Well enough jibber jabber already, here’s the color palette we’re working with. I hope you like it. The best part of virtual decorating is – it’s very easy to change. We can always add to or subtract as we see fit – I just thought these fresh colors would help get us started.


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EcoTots Table/Stool Set: We want one!


This eco-friendly birch wood table and chair set from EcoTots has really caught my eye, enough so that I am designing a Kids Stuff World Playroom around it. It’s built to last and just the right height to encourage imaginative play and all sorts of fun activities. The best part is, from now till Nov. 30 the whole set is on sale for $249.99 

Get yours from here, Red or Green


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Do your part to stop Global Warming

Global WarmingDear readers,

I promise this post is as close to something political as you will ever see anything written on Kids Stuff World. Normally, I wouldn’t bring them up in our happy space, but this cause deserved some action on my part. A while back, I joined a group called There goal is to put an end to Global Warming. The number 350 comes from a few scientists who have figured out that number 350 (in parts per million) is the key to balancing our earth’s atmosphere and preventing rapid climate change.

The mission, for the moment, is to gather as many personal invitations from US citizens asking the next elected president to attend a summit to develop an international climate treaty. They’re asking normal folks like you and me to send a quick (pre-written) email to the White House. They collected over 24,000 so far but would like to gather as many as 35,000!!!

Interested? Please visit to learn more about the organization or to send your personal invitation to our next Commander In Chief

It’s the least we can do for mother nature…

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Help choose our palette

Earthborn PaintsEarthborn Paints

Sorry the posting has been a bit sporadic but there are a lot of changes going on behind the scenes of Kid ~ Stuff ~ World. We hope to unveil them to you very soon. Look forward to several new features and a more defined focus for you readers who are wondering where we’re coming up with all these seemingly unrelated ideas. 

For now, take a moment to check out all the fabulous colors available from EarthBorn paints, the UK’s leading brand of eco-paints and let us know if anything leaps out at you. We’ll stick with the obvious Beach Cottage vibe this home is putting off in our overall design plans.

More from me after while, I’m making my trans-atlantic flight tomorrow, have a great weekend


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And The Winner Is …

The Kids ~ Stuff ~ World Green Living Home is the Bimini from Palm Harbor homes. It was a close contest, but the Bimini won by a mere 6 vote margin. We’re so excited to kick this series off, but, we’re all going to have to wait one more day. As for tonight, check out the home and start thinking about all the Green possibilities we can come up with.

Bimini Series
Bimini Floor Plans

Start thinking of some color palettes and flooring options you’d like to see featured in this home

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Reuse those Glass Jars


Hanging Lanterns
10 Ways to Reuse a Glass Jar | Natural Family Living Blog

Tiffany from Nature Moms has given us some great ideas on how to reuse glass jars.

1. Beach in a jar – This is a fun project for kids who have visited the beach recently and gathered seashells. Simply put some sand in the bottom of the jar (colored play sand works great for this) and add the seashells. A larger shell can be glued to the lid for a finishing touch. Letting the kids paint the shells first is another fun way to add some color.

2. Lantern or candleholder – This is a good project for a glass jar of any size. The kids can use glass paint to create a stained glass look. Use the candle for dining outdoors in the evening…add a citronella candle and you have a bug deterrent too.

3. Snack jars! She likes to keep nuts, raisins, shredded coconut etc. in glass jars.

4. An I Spy jar – Fill the jar with rice and a few secret objects like a coin, a paperclip, a button, a bead, a small toy, dice, etc and have kids see if they can find all the treasures by rolling the jar around and shaking it up.

5. Planter – Put pebbles in the bottom of a small jar, then fill with potting soil. Plant herb or flower seeds, and put in the windowsill.

To see the rest of her great ideas, be sure to check out the original post here

Thank you Tiffany for this wonderful post

Do you have your own ideas on how to reuse glass jars? We’d love to hear them or even see photos. Feel free to comment here or email us at kidsstuffworld @ gmail dot com

Etched Glass

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Eco-Friendly Doll Furniture


We are so excited to feature Anna’s Kid-Friendly, Earth-Friendly, easy on the pocketbook cardboard doll furniture. We have visions of what we could do with a little contact paper and some craft glue.

You’ll probably recognize Anna from her well known diy cardboard kitchen that is still circulating the blog worlds a year later. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here. Yu can still purchase the plans on her Etsy store and build your very own.

Stay tuned for more from this talented blogger and even a possible interview from Anna herself.
Upcycled Doll Bed

Your purchase from the Etsy store includes plans to build the bed and sew the quilt, create the mattress and the pillow (not pictured), construct the chair, and even a matching table (also not pictured) for all your doll tea parties

Upcycled Doll Chair

Forty-two roads: Doll Furniture and Linens are Finished!

Check out her blog for more photos and details and be sure to stop by her Etsy store for your copy of the Doll Furniture and the Cardboard Kitchen

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