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Cute snack idea

Banana Dots

I stumbled onto a great new blog today called The Toddler Cafe. The host of Toddler Cafe, Jennifer, blogs about all sorts of terrific ways to get kids eating healthy and delicious meals and snacks. Take this super cute Banana Dots recipe. A little creativity turns a typical afternoon snack into something truly special. I’m not sure about your kids but mine love anything I declare “special”. I can’t wait to try this one over the weekend.

Simply slice the banana into rounds, dab a dot of peanut butter (or let the kids do it through a plastic baggie as Jennifer suggests), then sprinkle with coconuts, chocolate chips, peanuts, or even honey. Try one round with one of each topping for a devine sampler platter.

Jennifer, thanks so much for this wonderful idea. I can’t wait to find tons more great ideas on your site.


October 17, 2008 at 9:06 pm 1 comment

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