Smiling down at Nie Nie

August 25, 2008 at 8:02 pm Leave a comment

So yesterday, Design Mom asked people to post a few of their favorite Nie Nie posts on their blog and, well, here at Kids Stuff World we’re pretty good at doing what we’re told. We perused around the site a bit and found this gem of a post. We’d like to call this one…

Reasons we know God is smiling down at Nie Nie right now

Nie Nie Read Me

This March Nie Nie decided she, a friend, and a car load of kids would compile tons of Happy Fortunes and hide them around Mesa, AZ.

The handcrafted fortunes included sayings such as:
“you are special”
“someone loves you”
“God loves you”
“you are beautiful”
“you are perfect”
“you are like a rainbow”
“you are pretty like a unicorn”
and so on and so forth.

The kids seemed to have a ball hiding them throughout the town and even got to witness a fella pick one up, read it, smile, and put it in his pocket.

Someone Loves You

It’s times like these more than ever when we are made aware that there really are angels here on earth. I have no doubt Nie Nie is one of those angels.


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