Nie Nie Day!

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NIe Nie Day

It’s Official, August 29th is Nie Nie Day. How stoked will Steph be when she finds out she has her very own day of the year?

The fabulous Gabriel over at DesignMom has decided to organize an evolutionary web event for the Nielson Family. We were so inspired we’ve decided to jump on board and do everything we can to help. If it wasn’t for the NieNie Dialogues, we never would have made our physical leap into the blogging world.

Here’s the excerpt taken from her site explaining what you can do to help:

1) Host a silent auction* on your own blog. For sure you have something awesome hanging around your house — in your gift closet, under the bed, in the pantry. Auction it off already. And relieve your house of clutter at the same time. Or. You could contact your buddy who’s an etsy seller and see if she’ll donate one of her fabulous creations. Just think how fun it will be if there are a whole bunch of auctions happening in honor of Stephanie and Christian at the same time!

2) Not up for hosting an auction? Then how about writing a special post on Nie Nie Day. You could include a link to your favorite article on Stephanie’s blog in celebration.

3) Spread the word via twitter or blog or email or facebook about Nie Nie Day so that more people can get involved. You can use the cute banner above — designed for Stephanie’s blog by the talented Lyndsay.

4) Send a card to Stephanie and Christian. There’s just something about putting pen to paper.

Send cards, pictures, etc. to:

c/o Stephanie and Christian Nielson
Maricopa County Hospital
2601 East Roosevelt Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008

5) Get spendy. And have fun bidding on some silent auctions.

How will anyone know you’re participating? That you’re hosting a super-cool auction? Problem solved: on Thursday Gabrielle will write a post about Nie Nie Day. She’ll include a list of anybody that’s celebrating. Just send her a link to your post or auction (or mention on your facebook page or tweet or whatever) and she’ll add your link to her Nie Nie Day post at Design Mom. The best part, we can all visit each other’s sites and share the love. How’s that sound?

It’s like the internet was born for stuff like this.

~ Taken straight from the Design Mom post

So what are we going to do? Well, first we’re going to find something super awesome to feature on the Kids Stuff World silent auction. Then, we’re going to feature some of NieNie’s amazing posts (something we always wanted to do anyway) and cultivate as much traffic as we can for the event. Lastly, Kids Stuff World will send its very own donation (separate from the silent auction) to the Nie Nie paypal fund.
Donate to NieNie

It sure feels good to do something,



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